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Find out if you really know the martial arts!

you think you know the martial arts, eh?
Well, maybe.
But think about this:

Some guy gets good,
beats up some other guys,
gets the girls,
gets the trophies,
maybe gets to live,
but what does he know?

He learned MSMD
(Monkey See Monkey Do)
from some old guy who learned…

So what does he really know?
But he can get paid,
so he teaches people,
has them do kicks and punches,
learn some really nasty (but cool) tricks!
when they ask him what it all means,
he quotes some zen gobbledegook at them.
The zen stuff means something,
but it is a riddle,
wrapped in a mystery,
inside an enigma.

Forty years later the student,
having done enough kicks and punches,
figures it out,
and dies.

Old age, you know.
Never had a chance to tell anybody,
too bad, so sad.

So go ahead and take the test.
it’s not zen gobbledegook,
it’s the real stuff,
the real reasons behind the martial arts.

The funny thing is…
it’s going to kick your ass.
You’ve been doing too much MSMD.
Too bad, so sad.

don’t worry,
there’s a solution at the end.

Go for it.

BTW, I have been doing the MA for 50 years. I’ve written dozens of books. You can read success stories from people who have learned the science of the martial arts at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Here’s the sample test!

Have a great work out!