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  • Want to Make a Career Out of Doing What You Love?
  • Want to break out of that nine to fiver and make some decent money?
  • Just follow the instructions on this page and you can do it!

Here are some of the problems you face!

  • There is no real training on how to be a Martial Arts Instructor
  • If there is training it is expensive and can take years
  • Even if you do take – and pass –  the training…
  • Certification is almost always a political thing


Hi Guys and gals,

Becoming a Professional Martial Arts Instructor…a PERSONAL MARTIAL ARTS TRAINER…is one of the smartest things you can do.

Everybody wants to become fit, and the need to defend oneself, in this age of terrorists and nut jobs, is at an all time high. 

The demand for Personal Trainers is expected to increase 24% in the next few years.

The demand for Personal Trainers who actually know the Martial Arts is going to be far higher.

Think about it, instead of standing in a group of people and receiving MSMD (Money See Monkey Do) instruction, people WILL ALWAYS prefer to have a personal coach, somebody who can explain EXACTLY what it is they are supposed to be doing.

Here in Los Angeles I know Personal Trainers who make over $100 an hour! Heck, Bruce Lee made $300 an hour, and that was decades ago!

Let’s talk about the Things that Stop People from Tapping into this gold mine!

First, and most important, most gym owners aren’t willing to take a chance on hiring martial artists.

The fact is that the martial arts are a wide field, the substance of arts varies, and the quality of instructors varies, and gym owners can’t be sure that the instruction given is going to be standard, or even make sense.

This, of course, can be fixed easily by getting certified as a Professional Martial Arts Instructor. A PMAI (or PMAT ~ Personal Martial Arts Trainer) 

When you study the PMAT you achieve the highest standard of quality. This is because the book gives you the exact and scientific reasons for everything. From basics to techniques to forms to freestyle, there is an exact scientific method that is far beyond what the martial arts of today, even the classical martial arts of today, offer.

Furthermore, this standard of quality reaches from the art taught in the pages of the PMAT book to ANY martial Art. Whether you teach Karate of Kick Boxing, MMA or Taekwondo, the science you learn in the pages of PMAT will be transferrable to ANY martial art you know.

BTW ~ the science you learn in PMAT is NOT just a rendering of physics to the martial arts; it is the exact reasons (for instance) behind why technique works, the real method for doing forms, the exact gradient of exercises behind how to teach somebody how to defend themselves. This is a unique science unto itself.

The point here is that once you have certification as a Professional Martial Arts Instructor you can walk into ANY fitness related business and present yourself as a true professional. You can show them the book itself and they will instantly understand that you are head and shoulders above the common martial arts instructor, and…a person to be trusted!

Let’s talk about the demand for your services…

Most people study for years, and then don’t know where to go to teach. Consider the following list…

A Martial Arts school ~ yes, it is possible to get hired to teach in a school. This is fun, and you have an instant list of possible clients for private instruction. Your selling point is that you will be able to help the school retain students better, and make more money off those students. Any martial arts school owner would be a fool not to hire you.

Private schools ~ you walk in and start a martial arts class. You schedule it for six weeks, charge parents separately from the school, and do it again and again. A couple of schools and you will be making a living. The schools are thrilled because they get a PE teacher without having to pay him!

Schools and Colleges ~ Interestingly enough, there is an EXTREME shortage of martial arts instructors on campuses. This is because schools make the hiring process very difficult. But, if you have the patience to go through the hiring process, you can work your way into a high paying job with unbelievable benefits.

Community Centers, YMCAs, and more ~ Centers will hire you quickly to teach classes, they will even offer you free advertising! Once started it is easy to sell private instruction on top of that!

Online training ~ This is what I do. I like writing, video is fun, and I have a personal relationship, and am teaching HIGH QUALITY martial arts across the United States! The field is huge, and there aren’t very many people doing it. What few there are don’t have any real certification like the PMAT certification.

Gyms and health clubs ~ This is where I got my start. I went around to fitness centers and started classes. It was easy, and the fact that I wrote the book on PMAT certainly helped.

The Client’s Home or Business ~ ‘Have Gun will Travel’ read the card of a man. I supported myself in Hollywood back in the eighties doing this. It was easy, I put up posters at a gym and my phone started ringing off the hook.

Above are seven unbelievable opportunities for going into business as a Personal Martial Arts Trainer, and that doesn’t include things like outdoor boot camps, classes for corporate executives, reports and cruise ships, and..BTW…your own home!

That’s right, once you get started you can gear the business around having people come to your own home. Believe me, people will be more than willing to come to the ‘Home of the Master.’

But none of it works without certification from PMAT.

And I know that none of it works because I have seen so many people fall by the wayside. People who had high black belt rankings, but 

  1. didn’t know how to teach
  2. didn’t know the real reasons behind the martial arts
  3. didn’t have the professionalism that simply reading the PMAT book brought


I hope I have persuaded you,

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If I haven’t convinced you to get started on your own road to teaching martial arts, to making some pretty good money doing what you love, then let me tell you something else.

Let’s say you don’t really care about teaching the martial arts.

I know, unbelievable, but there are a few people who aren’t called to be martial arts instructors, but EVERYBODY wants to be the best martial artist they can be.

So let me explain something…

Personal Martial Arts Trainers are Better than Black Belts!

Just because somebody is a black belt, or even a master, doesn’t mean they can effectively teach what they know. Most often…they can’t. A certified Personal Martial Arts Trainer has that ability, and that makes him more valuable, of higher ‘rank,’ than Black Belts or even Masters.

And, there is something more than just this simple fact.

When you do the martial arts there are usually two sides, the attacker and the defender.

If you practice the martial arts for years and years and years you won’t get…the third ‘side:’ the Instructor’s viewpoint.

You won’t get ‘outside’ the action, and develop that understanding that sets the truly great martial artists apart.

You won’t understand what it is that good instructors understand…but usually can’t explain.

But that is what PMAT is about.

PMAT starts at the beginning, and it is all about giving the instructor’s viewpoint.

What trick do you use to get the student’s knee high enough for a good kick?

How do you explain the geometric difference between a wheel kick and a roundhouse kick?

What signposts do you look for when teaching the various levels of freestyle?

Do you even know the various levels of freestyle?

These are actually simply understood, but today’s martial artists usually don’t know, and certainly can’t explain, these and hundreds of other simple points.

Teaching, the methodology of teaching, has broken down. The Martial Arts just came to this country too fast. Corporate schools took over and pushed the making money angle over quality instruction. Martial Arts were corrupted by tournaments, nationalism, politics, and a dozen other factors. Unqualified people opened poor quality schools.

Heck, you’ve probably been victim to some of this stuff, and you probably even, in your heart of hearts, know it.

So how would you like to change it?

How would you like to understand the things an Instructor knows?

How would you like to get the Instructor’s Viewpoint.

Do you understand how much that would improve you as a martial artist?

What is on the Course

Bad me, I haven’t even told you what’s on the course.

Here’s the table of contents…

  • introduction                     7
  • 1  How to Be a Teacher   9
  • 2  Basics-Basics               35
  • 3  Warm Ups                    47
  • 4  Stances                          57
  • 5  Punches                         73
  • 6  Kicks                              83
  • 7  Blocking                       101
  • 8  Forms                            115
  • 9  Perfect Form                151
  • 10 How to Freestyle        165
  • 11 Chi Power                     191
  • 12 Start Your School       203
  • About the Author            223

That’s 12 chapters, 224 full-sized, 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages.

Just consider the following concepts you will learn

  • the basic concept behind how to be a teach
  • the exact method you need to follow when teaching 
  • the ‘secret’ concepts behind EVERY basic in the martial arts
  • how to structure warm ups
  • the real purposes behind stances
  • the secret behind punching (it is not how ‘hard’ you hit, it is something totally different that NOBODY has ever put on paper.
  • kicking methods that will accelerate energy development
  • how to find the ‘holes’ in forms
  • the Seven Secrets behind ABSOLUTELY perfect form.
  • the types of freestyle, how to fit them together in teachable programs, how to teach them as part of a whole program
  • the actual truth about chi power, makes the subject simple and easy to understand so that people can actually develop and use it
  • how to start classes, organize classes, retain students, all the paperwork, and more, more, more…

Look, I’ve got 50 years experience in the martial arts, teaching all manner of students in all manner of settings. That’s 50 years of experience, successful experience, that you can tap into as you wish.

You can have my knowledge.

Here’s one student’s win after doing one of my courses, which course has been utilized in the writing of the Professional Martial Arts Instructor…

HARRY HSU (after the ‘Start your own school’ course)
After completing the ‘Start Your Own School Course’ all I could feel was joy and regret at the same time! I felt regret because had I read this book before opening my own martial arts school, I would have avoided several years of organizing errors and extremely costly mistakes. Literally EVERY SENTENCE of this book covers something that every martial arts instructor should know about opening a school – no matter what his/her martial art is.
Harry Hsu
Founder of Harry Hsu’s Martial Arts Academy

Okay, I hope I’ve convinced you…

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Oh Lord, double bad me, I forgot one other thing…

When you order this course it consists of:

  • The 224 full-sized pages book…’The Professional Martial Arts Instructor’
  • The right to test, AND TO BE CERTIFIED, as a Professional Martial Arts Instructor.
  • When you pass the test you will receive TWO certificates: The Professional Martial Arts Instructor certificate, and the Personal Martial Arts Trainer certificate.

The book you will receive right away.

You have a year to take the test. To take the test simply write to me at:

If you don’t pass the test you will be allowed one month to study and then retake it.

There’s no more, nothing else left to understand, you just have to make the decision, you just have to want to be, and to make money as, a PROFESSIONAL MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR!

Now, for the last time, click on the cover to order through Amazon…


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You are guaranteed a total, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee!

I have been in business since the 1980s.