Here’s the Truth About the Martial Arts!

Truth, great word. Totally misunderstood. The word means ‘being true.’ 

True, great word. Totally misunderstood. The word means being factual. Which means…being scientifically accurate.

Not an opinion, not a viewpoint, but having actual and verified existence, no matter who looks at it. Not shaded by opinion or viewpoint.

So here’s the truth concerning the martial arts.

To learn the martial arts is like walking through a house with no light. It’s dark. You bang your nose on walls, walk into doors, bang your shins on furniture. Makes no sense.

After a while, you sort of remember where, in the darkness, you banged your shin, and you take a s die step. If you remember.

Thus, the martial arts are built. People trying to remember things, telling other people (their students) where those things are. Hoping their students remember what they said.

But, students being students, people being people, they take their own path.

So we have different arts, different styles, disagreements, sometimes very violent disagreements, as to what the art is…and what even works.


But what if there was a science? A method by which one could figure out how to turn on the lights? Why, then people could see the walls and steps and fireplaces. They could make their way through the house without banging their shins on every damn thing, or even stepping the stupid cat’s tail!

If there was a science people could learn quickly and easily, without the MSMD. They could learn multiple arts, they could stop fighting and actually see what people were doing before they did it!

The science is contained in matrix ing Technology.

Matrixing is a system of logic, I have been teaching it for decades, got over 600 pages of wins. You can see some of the wins if you go to Monster Martial Arts and find the ‘Wins’ page.

But this site isn’t about matrix ing; this site is about being a Professional Martial Arts Instructor. It is about the right way to teach, the real reasons behind the martial arts, and sharing the light with your students.

But if you want to be a real teacher, somebody who actually knows the real reasons behind the martial arts, then do the PMAT course.

PMAT stands for Personal Martial Arts Trainer, it is the same as PMAI, Professional Martial Arts Instructor.

Look, you’ve already had your nose bloodied by the sample test, you’ve seen that the questions are logical, but don’t always line up with what you’ve been taught.

That’s because what you’ve been taught are the ravings of people over the ages, passed down by whisper and shout, and drilled MSMD, with no consideration for logic.

So isn’t it time to learn the truth? Turn on the light? Finds the real reasons behind the martial arts?

Okay, time for a decision. 

Click here!

And find out about the course. Find out what is on it. Turn the lights on. Get the truth…don’t wait forty years, figure it out, and die…just get the truth of the martial arts now.